Children's Right To CultureChildren's Right To Culture

Kulturförvaltningen Stockholm Stad School

Stockholm city has a goal that every child in Stockholm should meet professional culture of the highest quality. It wants to offer culture for children, culture with children, and culture by children. Stockholm provides many opportunities for school kids to take part in the cultural life, but there are still too few who take the offers that are provided.
This meeting between the kids and the culture producers must be easier to access. How can Stockholm city's culture department be more efficient in reaching all school children, and not just those with the most engaged parents and teachers?

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  • Curriculum Blueprints for Culture

    Sample curriculums are created every year for each grade/subject level with various cultural activities (dance, music, theater, visual arts) injected into them.

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  • Uber for performers

    Interactive app to find performances nearby, contacting performers, mainly enhanced version of Kulan but as a mobile app.

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  • curriculums

    - special committee who has- school teachers, students, principal, hired person to help with skolverket, performers, class representatives


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  • Days saved for doing culture

    Days saved for doing culture

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  • performers to work with teacher

    Pay 50Kr/ Student for performers to work with teacher in class expressing curriculum thru arts

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  • Golden Ticket

    Teachers can purchase a ticket to cultural events worth 100kr for their students for 50kr with her class budget. The students from grades 7 and over can choose a performance

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  • Teachers finding motivations for why to take students to cultural events

    Logic behind ideas:

    Teacher needs to motivate and justify cultural events facing:
    - Sceptical students
    - Parents who doesn’t see the value

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  • Kulan improvements

    Support teachers finding activities by providing ratings and reviews for each culture activities… allow the students the opportunity to write individual reviews for the

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  • Offering DVD’s of performances to classes

    Offering DVD’s of performances to classes

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All prototypes

  • Kraft laroplan

    This is the home page of our kraft laroplan website, it provides details about the curriculum builder, the news feed about the latest addition to the page, contact details, and a reward section.

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